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General Manager

Reports to: Company President



• Must possess and maintain pleasant, professional and cooperative attitude.

• Ability to lift and carry up to 20 pounds on a repetitive basis and up to 50 pounds on an occasional basis and be able to lift, reach bend and stoop.

• Must be able to perform all responsibilities of the position.



• A commitment to work a flexible schedule that may include working day, night, weekend and holiday shifts.

• An ability to establish and maintain a good rapport/working relationship with customers, staff members, managers, and shareholders.

• An ability to evaluate, hire, train, discipline and terminate staff members.

• A knowledge of State of Oregon Labor Laws, OLCC rules and regulations, Washington County Environmental Health Rules and Regulations, and OSHA Rules and Regulations.

• Experience with computers and software including, but not limited to, Windows, Micro Soft Word and Excel and POS (point-of-sale) systems.

• A working knowledge of restaurant operations: food preparation and service, bar/alcohol service, ware washing, ordering procedures, equipment maintenance.



Managers are responsible for the overall operation and profitability of the restaurant and the safety and conduct of all staff members at all times while on duty. Managers have hiring and firing authority the authority to discipline staff members under their supervision. The following is an outline of responsibilities that include but are not limited to:

1. Cash/Deposits/Daily Record Keeping

• Prepare/balance host till, server reports, lottery cash, lottery till, tip out reports and change fund.

• Prepare lottery and restaurant deposits and daily report.

• Program Lottery, ATM.

• Secure/lock up cash, deposits, checkbook, manager log and sensitive HR documents in safe.

• Update employee files and records updated as needed (i.e. changes in withholding, separation reports, vacations, reviews and raises).

2. Returns, Voids And Deletes

• Ascertain and record the reason for guest check corrections.

• Use “Returns” key when revenue, food and beverages are wasted.

• Use “Voids” when no revenue, food or beverage are wasted.

3. Handling Customer Complaints

• Handle customer complaints as needed in a professional and courteous manner.

 4. Attendance

•  Ensure that staff members clock in and out in a timely manager.

• Handle sick calls and assist in covering the shifts of staff members that have called in or are absent.

• Review and edit for accuracy all payroll reports before submitting to administrative staff.

5. Overall Operation Of The Restaurant

• Ensure on time opening and closing of the restaurant.

• Order or supervise ordering of food, beverage, supplies, small wares, etc. required to operate the restaurant.

• Program/reprogram POS system as required.  Troubleshoot when issues arise with POS system problems.

6. Staffing

• Determine staffing needs for the restaurant. Recruit or oversee recruitment of staff including interviews, reference checks, orientation, training and supervision.

• Schedule or oversee scheduling of staff within budget guidelines.

• Establish and maintain a pay grade scales, ensuring fairness.

• Assist staff and managers in finding replacements for absent staff members.

7. Training

• Ensure the proper orientation of new staff members (prior to first shift) using employee handbook, job descriptions.  Complete employee file and submit to HR.

• Oversee training of new staff members using training manuals. Assign trainers to new staff members.

• Develop and revise training manuals and daily routine materials as needed (e.g. side work lists, opening and closing routines and checklists, food recipe/costing files, etc.).

• Organize and chair meetings with staff as needed.

8. Supervising

• Monitor staff to ensure that all staff members are performing their job duties correctly.

• Monitor level of business level and make staffing changes by cutting or adding staff.

• Enforce written policies. Make sure staff members follow procedures, rules and work routines outlined in handbooks, manuals and checklists.

• Ensure that staff members are following health and safety rules and regulations.

• Ensure proper staff member conduct as outlined the Ethics/Standards of Conduct Policies in the Employee Handbook.

9. Discipline

• Discipline any employee when necessary using procedures outlined in Employee Handbook. Determine the appropriate level of discipline situation involving staff members.

• Use employee feedback forms for documentation of performance deficiencies and or commendations.

• Under extreme or egregious circumstances, suspend or terminate an employee.

10. Communication

• Meet with the management team members to determine issues that may need to be addressed.

• Leave complete information of significant incidents and events in the manager’s log.

• Evaluate and review the performance of all staff members. Recommend raises for staff members who merit them.

• Develop and post any required or appropriate product or procedure information that has changed.

• Establish and maintain a good professional working relationship with and among staff members: hosts, bussers, and service and kitchen staffs.

11. Equipment Repair/Maintenance

• When equipment fails, contact appropriate service provider to repair.

• Ensure/oversee routine cleaning and maintenance of all equipment.

• Maintain/update repair and maintenance log for each piece of equipment.

12. Ordering / Inventory / Food Costing

• Establish and maintain food and supply ordering pars and systems.

• Ensure inventory is taken on monthly basis on the last day of the month.

• Calculate food costs and perform product audits as necessary using the Chef Tec food costing program.

• Review order guides to select best products, ingredients and suppliers to provision the restaurant.

13. Menu Planning

• Review and recommend revisions for regular menu items with management team.

• Participate in the development of monthly menu insert specials and specific holiday specials. Develop individual menu item specifications and food/pour costs using the Chef Tec food costing program.

• Oversee training of staff to prepare and sell all new insert and special menu items.

14. Sanitation / Safety

• Ensure that all staff has current Food Handler’s and OLCC cards.

• Ensure that food products are properly handled from receiving to storage to preparation by all staff.

• Ensure that all staff members are complying with all written and or posted sanitation rules.

• Ensure and promote safe work practices and work environment.

• Assign entry codes to staff members.  Record passwords and codes and provide them to administrative staff.

• Develop and post any required or appropriate safety and or sanitation information.

15.  Other

• Other work as assigned by the company president.



These are the primary responsibilities of a Management position. You have the full responsibility of the restaurant at all times you are on shift. We expect all of our managers at all times to conduct themselves, and the staff they supervise, in a professional manner and to treat our customers and our staff with dignity and respect. So as we lead, so people follow. If a manager is not following rules of conduct and ethics in their day to day routines, they will lose the respect and cooperation of the staff they are trying to manage.


Please contact  Rick Van Beveren for more information.